Covid-19 and what we are doing

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Found People offering a 50% recruitment discount…

Working from home

I write this from my work from home office, as no doubt a lot of the country is also working from home.  I’m watching this virus hammer our economy, causing panic and uncertainty.  I expect further lockdowns in the days ahead, with an obvious rise in unemployment.  Business confidence has suffered; in my view this is because we don’t yet have an end date for the recovery set in stone – but it will happen, and the recovery will be amazing!

Australia has taken the strategy to lock down, slow the spread of the virus, reducing the period of disruption.  It seems like we have achieved success as we are grouped with the nations that are relatively low in infection cases.  It’s pleasing to note that Australia has achieved this through bipartisan support of smart policy – something other nations are struggling to achieve. The government stimulus packages will keep the economy alive – ready for recovery.


I look forward to the recovery and hope it comes swiftly.  I am incredibly optimistic about the outlook for Australia.  It would appear as though QLD are on the cusp of a vaccine and that globally human trials have already begun.  We know that the government stimulus has already begun.  We know that the lock-down has ended in China and that the USA is aiming at Easter to get their nation back to work.

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I’m lucky because my profession allows me to work from home with minimal disruption – targeting essential industry. The spirit I’ve encountered thus far is hugely encouraging – people are cooperating and genuinely trying to help each other.  It’s a similar feeling to the mud army experience from the 2011 Queensland floods.  I recall how we made it through the GFC and I don’t believe a similar strategy won’t work again.  

The disruption has created opportunity.  I have recently been contacted by candidates with rare skillsets that usually have to be head-hunt for months.  I’m receiving large numbers of candidates applying for roles that they might not suit – but we are able to point them in the right direction to the areas where there are suitable jobs – essential industries.  Some of my clients are interviewing candidates for roles starting in July.  They’re making a start on their recruitment for next financial year while they have the time – and while the highly desirable, in-demand candidates are more open to discussion.

What are we doing…

Found People encourages this proactive, positive stance.  We understand that times are a little tough right now and we are potentially staring at a 3-6 month journey – but life goes on.  We will not stop recruiting.  To help mitigate the disruption, we are offering clients 50% recruitment discount, and this will continue until we get back to business as usual.  If you have a role that you need filled; if you have a hard to fill role (even if they won’t start until July – we’re here to help.

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